How to use the bushfire assessment feature on the Birdata mobile app

You only need to do this assessment once at each site, unless it has been burned since you were last there.

Getting Started

If you’ve used Birdata before, you’ll see that our entry screen has not changed.

Birdata mobile app home screen
Figure 1: Hit “Record Survey” to get started

Select Program

The two survey programs that include the Bushfire Assessment feature are the General Birdata Surveys and the Birds in Backyards surveys, so be sure to choose one of these.

Birdata mobile app select program screen - choose either General Birdata Survey or Birds in Backyards
Figure 2: When selecting a program, choose either General Birdata Survey (if you’re doing a general survey) or Birds in Backyard (if you’re doing a Birds in Backyards seasonal survey)

Set your location

Birdata mobile app set location screen - tap the map to set location
Figure 3: Use the map tool to set your location as you normally would 

The Bushfire Assessment Feature is on the Survey Details screen

You will find the Bushfire Assessment feature at the bottom of the Survey Details screen.

The image below is from the General Birdata Survey page – the Birds in Backyards screen will look a little bit different, but the bushfire assessment section will be the same.

Tap Bushfire Assessment and toggle button to on
Figure 4: Tap the Bushfire Assessment tool and tap the toggle to activate it

Completing the Bushfire Assessment

Note: A bushfire assessment is only needed for the first survey at a site, and thereafter only when the site’s situation changes (e.g. a subsequent bushfire or a change in supplementary feeding etc.)

Answer the 2 screening Bushfire Assessment intro questions
Figure 5: If you answer “Yes” to either question, you’ll be asked for more details. If you answer “No” to the first question, you’ll be asked to estimate the site’s distance to bushfire affected areas nearby  

Birdata bushfire assessment - fire details screen
Figure 6: Tap on each field to enter your answer 

For Fire Details, type how many months since the survey area was burnt, how much of the area you’d estimate was burnt, select a burn intensity, and give an estimate in kilometers of the distance from the survey site to the nearest unburnt area.

For Affected Vegetation, for each vegetation layer you will be asked to select from 3 options: affected by fire, unaffected by fire, or layer not present before fire.

Birdata bushfire assessment question - are there food or nesting boxes present?
Figure 7: After providing data about bushfires, you will be asked if there is any supplementary food, water, or nesting boxes present. 

For each food type, you will be asked to specify the frequency with which the food is provided – never, monthly, weekly, daily

Birdata Bushfire Assessment tool - provide details about supplementary food, water, or nesting boxes
Figure 8: If supplementary food, water, or nesting boxes are present, please provide more information. 

To finish entering your Birdata bushfire assessment, hit Done to return to the Survey Details screen
Figure 9: Once you’re finished providing these details, tap “Done” to return to the Survey Details screen. From there,  hit “+ Record Sightings” to get started recording birds


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