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Although they’re nature’s hotspots, only about half of Australia’s Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) are monitored regularly. Without regular monitoring, it is difficult to understand how KBAs are faring, and how effective on-ground conservation work is.

It’s a real problem, but we have a solution.

We aim to turn the situation around by setting up plenty of locations within Australia’s KBAs as ‘Shared Sites’ here on the Birdata website.

Shared Sites are places that have had four or more Birdata surveys conducted within defined boundaries. By knowing where these sites are, any additional Birdata surveys conducted there will yield much more useful information than surveys undertaken at any old random site, with every extra record revealing a little more about trends in the birds’ populations or diversity.

You can be part of the solution.

By conducting some regular, standardised surveys at Shared Sites in one (or more) of Australia’s KBAs, you will be helping us help the birds. It’s only by having an accurate understanding of what’s going on in the bush, in the wetlands, and on the mudflats, beaches and islands that BirdLife Australia and our partners can have a real effect in creating a bright future for Australia’s birds.

The places we’ve identified as Shared Sites in the KBAs are set up for either 20 minute–2 hectare surveys or 500-metre-radius area searches. They’re easy to find: simply click on to the ‘Shared Sites’ tab at the top of this page and then zoom into your local area. Alternatively, type ‘KBA’ into the search filter, and all the KBA Shared Sites will pop up, and you can scroll through to find the one you’re after. These sites all start with ‘KBA-‘ followed by the first word(s) of the KBA name and preferred survey method, such as ‘KBA-Daintree-20min2ha-1’.

If you’ve already visited one of these sites, it would be helpful if you’d take a moment to see that the information we have on the database is okay. Is it accurate? Is the name meaningful? Is there a description which would help someone new to the site to conduct a survey? If there’s an issue, please let us know by emailing Andrew Silcocks or Golo Maurer, noting the name of the site and advising us of the action you think should be taken, such as renaming the site, redrawing the boundary, adding a description* or removing the site**.

*You may want to add a description to explain:
• access
• starting point
• direction of survey
• timing of survey

**You may think a site should be removed if:
• it is on private property
• it is a health and safety risk
• it no longer exists because of recent development or logging
• it is home to a sensitive or threatened species


The Tony & Lisette
Lewis Foundation
through a WildlifeLink
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Birdata app and
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