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Birdata is the way we collaboratively and scientifically collect data to gain insight and protect Australia's birds.

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New Holland Honeyeater

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Welcome to BirdLife Australia’s new Birdata web portal. Here’s a few things you need to know to make your birding count.  

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Keen Observers

The Perils of Birdwatching: Going birdwatching sometimes needs a little forward planning, but as John Peter discovered, the birds don’t always cooperate. 

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Restless Flycatcher

Birds to look out for this month

What birds might you see in the vernal month of September. Here’s a few to keep a look out for…

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Become part of our national bird monitoring community and make your birding count. Sign up for a BirdLife Australia username and password to start entering data immediately through our app or here on the website.

About BirdLife Australia

Our mission is to make a real and positive difference for Australia's birds using our experience and specialised knowledge combined with our ability to unite and inspire the conservation community.

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