Joris Driessen

Splitting Pairs

Male Satin Flycatcher vs male Leaden Flycatcher    Leaden and Satin Flycatchers both occur along the eastern seaboard and are summer migrants in the southern end of their range. They both have plumage with a glossy sheen, which can look vastly different depending on the light and angle at which they are being viewed. So

The Quiet Extinction

The Quiet Extinction While much recent attention has focused on the plight of the Mallee Emu-wren, it turns out that the bird that it shares similar habitat with—the Mallee Striated Grasswren—may also be facing an extinction crisis. Sean Dooley reports on recent revelations showing that this quiet, shy bird is in danger of being forever

First Encounters

FIRST ENCOUNTERS BY PAULA PEETERS Plains-wanderer  Five years ago, I was asked to create a colouring book about the Plains-wanderer and its riverina grassland habitat. So in the high summer of 2015, off I went to NSW’s Hay Plain in search of this strange bird. In the morning, I walked across low sandhills between Black