Birdata updates are here!

Last month the Birdata team flagged some important new Birdata updates:

Now we need YOU – out in the field and at your desks to test the functionality and ease of use of these important new updates.

From Joris and the team:

We are constantly looking at ways Birdata can be improved – how to make it easier for you to record, store and explore our birdlife, and how to best collect the information needed to protect our native birds and their habitats. It has taken a bit of time but the first of a number of big updates is now online and ready for you to use!

If you have any questions about these or any other changes or you spot any bugs, please contact

Thanks for your amazing contributions in getting out there and making your birding count!

Happy birding,

The Birdata team

The main changes are:

  • Quick overview of most recent surveys undertaken
  • Clickable surveys, allowing users to see where and when a survey was undertaken as well as a survey summary (though not observer information and survey details remain subject to species sensitivity)
  • Introduction of Private survey option
  • All existing (and some new!) filters available on all data pages
  • Quick toggle to switch data on and off when selecting months
  • Downloadable graphs for each species
  • New admin features, including implementation of a sensitive area layer, enabling Birdata to set different sensitivity levels for protected or restricted areas.
  • The Explore tab now features all and more of the functionality of the (now-defunct) Programs & Regions tab. The latter will be redeveloped over the coming months.

For a more complete description of the changes, visit the Updates section of the help page here