Birds to look out for this month

What birds might you see in the month of March? Here’s a few to keep a look out for…

  • Tree Martins leaving Tasmania
  • Dollarbirds and Eastern Koels departing from NSW
  • Departure of Pied Imperial-Pigeons from Wet Tropics of Queensland
  • Departure of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers from southern mainland Australia
  • Large congregations of waterfowl in coastal and near-coastal wetlands
  • The last of the White-throated Needletails and Fork-tailed Swifts in southern Australia

Interesting records from the past

Collared Petrel | off Norfolk Island | 1st record for Australia
Chinese Pond Heron | off Scott Reef, WA | 4th record for Australia
Spotted Redshank | Springvale, Vic. | 1st record for Victoria
Buff-breasted Sandpiper | Altona, Vic. | 1st record for Australia
Sabine’s Gull | off Wollongong, NSW | 1st record for NSW
New Zealand Storm-Petrel | off Port Stephens, NSW | 1st record for Australia


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