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BirdLife Australia Rarities Committee

This page is a temporary home for the BirdLife Australia Rarities Committee (BARC) reports, while we work to bring the enormous amount of content on the old BirdLife Australia website into the new one. In the meantime, you can access the BARC reports by clicking here or on the button below. The BirdLife Australia Rarities Committee

Calling all bushwalkers!

Are you a bushwalker in south-eastern Australia? Contribute to conservation by recording sightings of Hooded Plovers and Eastern Ground Parrots. BirdLife Australia’s Beach-nesting Birds Program is training and encouraging bushwalkers to record incidental sightings of Hooded Plovers and Eastern Ground Parrots along remote stretches of the Victorian coastline. Coastal birds – accessible vs remote areas

The Working List of Australian Birds

This page is a temporary home for the Working List, as we work to bring information across from the old website. In the meantime, you can access the Working List of Australian Birds (Version 4) by clicking the button below. Birdata is currently operating with Version 2 of the Working List of Australian Birds. The full

Data extractions and requests

Superb Fairy-wren male on branch.

Birdata is Australia’s largest bird monitoring platform, comprising over 22 million individual species records from every state and territory. This huge data repository is the result of tireless efforts from regular people across the country – your birding counts! Contributors range from BirdLife Australia volunteers to schools, scientists, local conservation groups and Indigenous corporations. The